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We Treat Your Skin As if it Were Our Own

SIH'LE (pronounced See-khlay): meaning “Beautiful”

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At Sih’le, we believe that beauty is about much more than how you look.

We believe in…
…the beauty of nature.
…the beauty of simplicity.
…the beauty of authenticity.

We combine natural, sustainably sourced ingredients to create simple yet effective formulations that leave your skin nourished and feeling radiant.


Our soaps and body oils are lovingly crafted in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.


Our Story

Sih’le is the middle name of our founder, Idah. Growing up in Zambia, Idah was unsatisfied with the skin products available in the market. They were expensive, packed with unnecessary fillers, and didn’t leave her skin feeling good.

After years of creating remedies for her skin using local antioxidant-rich ingredients, Idah went on to study the science behind skincare.

Drawing inspiration from the healing properties of nature, combined with knowledge gained through her formal education, she created her own soaps, creams, facial oils and body oil formulations using completely natural, clean ingredients.

Her familiarity with the benefits that different botanicals provide our skin and inspiration from nature are the foundation of our organic skincare products today.

We invite you to try our products and embrace the beauty of nature, the beauty of simplicity, and the beauty of your own authenticity.


Sih'le Organic Skincare


Our skincare formulation philosophy:

Cruelty-free                                Phalete-free

Paraben-free                              Eco-friendly

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